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The Trek Ethic

The Trek Ethic

The Trek Ethic

First and foremost, these are not rules these are The Trek Ethic

We follow rules because we have been told to follow rules since we were kids. Sometimes, we  just blindly follow them or say some quirky lines like, ‘’ Rules are meant for breaking’’. I know that because I have done that, a lot of times actually. I want trekkers to realize that these are ethics and not just rules. This is something every trekker should wholly believe in and not just abide by.

Drop your ego

When you are in a trek, you are ONE with the nature. You are not sitting in your office cubicle staring at your computer screen, making business calls or sending some professional mails. Generally, you are either bossing around or being bossed around by someone. Anyhow, there is no hierarchy in the nature, you are just human. Forget all the labels the world gave you. Everyone comes for a trek to have fun, to  feel adventurous and make memories. So please, Be kind and not just nice. Most of all, respect everyone in the trek, treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Also, please do not forget to have fun while doing them.

Remember it is not a race.

When you are in a trek, it is common to feel the urge to reach the top or finish the trek before everyone else in your group. I would like to remind you that it is not about getting to the top but it is about the climb. The moment you start competing or comparing you with someone else, you have an invisible guard which will prevent you from being your true self. Get that guard down, be yourself, be empathetic.

Trek in your own pace,

Remember it is not a race!( Ah, the rhyming!! )

That’s all, folks.

Happy Trekking !

Written By Cynthia Joseph (+91 8884738199)

For Solo Trips : https://gobuddyadventures.com

Do follow us   : https://www.instagram.com/gobuddyadventures/

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