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Category: Travel


Why should you travel SOLO 1

Why should you travel SOLO Lately I’ve been asked so many questions on why do I want to travel alone, some people think it’s crazy, some don’t understand why I do this. Trust me, I love my people, I’ve always enjoyed every single trip with my family and friends. However, travelling solo has its own …

The Trek Ethic

The Trek Ethic First and foremost, these are not rules these are The Trek Ethic We follow rules because we have been told to follow rules since we were kids. Sometimes, we  just blindly follow them or say some quirky lines like, ‘’ Rules are meant for breaking’’. I know that because I have done …

The Best Worst Thing!

The Best Worst Thing! They say that ‘’All that begins well, ends well’’.  The Best Worst Thing! Life somehow had a crazy way of proving this wrong  for me on 24th of November, 2017. Check-ins, Baggage drops and security checks – Airports are messy and they over-do everything. Security is important but it usually gets …

5 Amazing ways how Travel can change you!

So, this can be explained in 5 perspectives. Here it goes. People Every person you meet when you travel has something in store for you. It may seem insignificant but we do cross paths with certain people for a reason. Someone, living somewhere in the end of the country might give you an answer for …


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