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How do you get ready f0r your first trek

How do you get ready for your first trek

first trek

For the love of new beginnings, I would like to start this article explaining the thoughts I had when I went for my first trek to Kaurava Kunda. I still remember that evening, I made a checklist of the things I would be carrying for the trek, I triple checked them. I googled the place so many times, I read all the reviews about that place. And, all I could think of was the worst case scenarios!

So these were my thoughts

*oh my God, what am I doing? Should I cancel in the last minute? I better take my rosary with me so that God is close to me, What if I see a snake? I’m so gonna die, What if I break my knee? What if it starts raining so badly and I slip and fall..what if..what if..*

Oh Human Brain, thou art a heartless bitch!

But I also realized that these are all just What-ifs and my mind is playing tricks on me. One of the best ways to escape your thoughts is by not taking them seriously. I remember a lyric from one of my favourite songs from Coldplay:If you never try, you will never know – It is true that I will NEVER KNOW until I TRY. All I have to do is take that one step. A leap of faith.

I took that step, and this is what happened — I was on a top of a hill, gazing at the stars, away from the hassle of the city, enjoying the warmth of the campfire, making new friends, eating junk food. I tried to sleep but I could not because I was way too happy experiencing these things for the first time, I did sleep for an hour or so. I woke up watching the beautiful sunrise. The sky was yellowish orange and the view from the top was breathtaking, we watched the sunrise and clicked some pictures.

The best part about night treks is that, when you trek at night you will not see the beauty of the place but it the morning, when the sun comes out, you realize what a wonderful hill you had climbed last night.

Also, I made new friends in the trek, some of them are still in my friends list and I continued trekking with them in the future as well. So all this happened in just one TRY. I tried and I KNEW, that trekking is ah-maaz- ing!I reached my hostel and I had the best sleep that Sunday afternoon.

From then on, I started going on a lot of treks, I used to wait for weekends so that I go on treks, a lot of treks later.

One day, I was shouting at 13,750 ft in the Himalayas having the best feeling on earth. A single step which I took that day led to a lot of changes in my life. Here I am as an Trek Organiser, I don’t know where this journey is taking me, I feel lost, It feels so good to be lost in the right direction. Following the signs of the Universe, one STEP at a time.

So all you have to do is TRY !

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Written By Cynthia Joseph (+91 8884738199)

For Solo Trips : https://gobuddyadventures.com

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