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Fort Kochi

Kochi is not a place, it is a feeling.

There are so many reasons to fall in love in Kochi – The vintage buildings, the prettiest cafes, the people and OHH-YESSS-THE-FOOOD! Listing down some of my favourite things to try in and around Fort Kochi.


Kashi Art Cafe – Chocolate Cake

Gooey, Yummy and Delicious. A single piece of cake with a lot of chocolate ( Costs 130 INR ) sauce! This place also serves the best breakfasts!

Kappa Biryani – Fathima’s ( 3-4 km from Fort Kochi )

Cooked and Mashed tapioca with pieces of finely cut spicy beef chops! ( Costs around 100 INR ). If you are a meat lover, this place is a must-go, it has so much to offer!


Rinoos Cool Bar – Avocado Shake ( also known as butter shake )

Creamy and thick shake made with Avocado Pulp.  Tastes like heaven ( Cost – 50 INR )


Kayees – Mutton Biryani

Moderately spicy, incredibly tasty.  It sells like hotcakes. You have to reach the shop ON TIME! ( Cost – 160 INR )

Parotta and Beef Curry @ Lucky Star

No explanation required, It is the signature food of Kerala! ( Cost – 100 INR ) Also, get a ginger-kattan ( black) chai for the finishing touch. *Burp!*



Salted/Pickled Mangoes @ Fort Kochi Beach

Just buy them and watch the sunset. Now you will know why I had mentioned that Kochi is a feeling! *some water please*



Prawn Masala @ Seagull

Savour the authentic Kerala seafood with chilled beer. The place overlooks the sea. Life is better here. If you are going in the evening, you might want to carry some mosquito repellents with you. ( Cost – 350 INR )


Sugiyan @ Vishnu’s tea shop ( It’s located at K.B. Jacob road, just ask any localite to guide you to the shop )

A mixture of cooked and mashed green gram + mashed bananas + jaggery + coconut coated with flour and deeply fried in oil. I have had this in many places but it tastes 10 times better at this place. You can also try the banana fritters here. Vacation calories don’t count! ( COST – 7 INR )


Loafers Corner Cafe – Brownie and ice cream


A thick lip-smacking brownie with ice-cream. Perfect-O! ( Cost – 130 INR )


Kulukki Sarbath @ the Fort Kochi ferry point

A sassy sweet drink with multiple flavours made in an extraordinary way! You will understand when you see it. Tastes great in the humid and hot weather! ( Cost – 20 INR )




( You will be able to locate the places in the google maps. Please note that the prices might vary depending on the season, this list is made exclusively for budget backpackers and travellers. I am sure there are more places to explore around Fort Kochi. )

Written By Cynthia Joseph (+91 8884738199)

For Kerala  Trips : https://gobuddyadventures.com

: https://www.instagram.com/gobuddyadventures/

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