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5 Amazing ways how Travel can change you!


So, this can be explained in 5 perspectives. Here it goes.


Every person you meet when you travel has something in store for you. It may seem insignificant but we do cross paths with certain people for a reason. Someone, living somewhere in the end of the country might give you an answer for the questions you had since forever. It’s like reading a good book and realizing how much it has changed your mindset. You get to experience that from a different soul in real life.


No matter how much you travel, there is always room for the unknown. You always think you know things, but then, travelling surprises you. You realize the tiny space you occupy in this world. The vastness and diversity will make you a person of humility. You understand how every single person can help you live your life. You will learn how to acknowledge a janitor just the way you acknowledge your boss. And, that speaks a lot about you.

Religion and Spirituality

The more you travel, the more you realize that religion and faith are two different things. You can live by faith by not following a religion but by believing in certain principles. You can read the Bible or the Quran but you will also be wise enough to understand that all are ONE. You will live by what the religion is preaching but not by the rules of it. In the end, all we need is LOVE. The Beatles said it too! It’s gotta be true.

You learn a LOT

I have two degrees. A mandatory B.Tech and a Fancy MBA. I do not regret having them. In fact, I had a great college life. Of course, life is great when you don’t have to pay your bills. However, if I were to re-do my life again, I would choose to educate myself differently. There are a few things, I realized that college can’t teach you, only travelling can. When you travel, you learn by experience. They say it’s the best teacher!

You become a better version of YOU.

Travelling is like reading a book about yourself and the Universe is the author. Travelling isn’t always easy. For some people, travelling makes them so happy. I do not disagree on that but I think Travelling makes you content more than happy. When you travel, you learn how to accept yourself for what you are.  I read it somewhere that, “ Be sure of your limitations so that No one can use them against you”. This, makes you unstoppable.


By Cynthia Joseph (+91 88847 38199)

For Solo Trips : https://gobuddyadventures.com

: https://www.instagram.com/gobuddyadventures/

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