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Travel Cycle 2022

Travel Cycle

Travel cycle

Travel cycle Travelling is like a learning. Every time I return back from a trip, I find something new in me. I believe in the magic of a place, the goodness in the vibes. I think it kind of gets into you.  Have you ever observed the vicious cycle of travelling?

Well, I present to you, the 5 phases of travelling.


Phase 1: The first hit

It’s more like developing a crush on someone, you look at that person and start dreaming and fantasizing about them. You also start getting excited about all of the scenarios in your head to come true. In a similar way, when you look at an Instagram picture, read a blog or even talk to someone who has already travelled to that place.
You get the first hit, a bite from the Wanderlusting Goddess, a rush of excitement, a craving. I call it the first hit, the first phase of the vicious cycle of travelling.

Phase 2: Getting your research glasses on

You go through a transition from being so excited to actually start planning how to make the trip happen. You start saving up for it, you are fully engrossed in finding information about the place and planning the itinerary for your trip, I find this phase a bit stressful as well as satisfying. This is one of my favourite phases because you know that something great is about to happen. Now you start waiting for the day to arrive, you are waiting to get on that flight to desperately know what this new place has in store for you.

Phase 3: Let life happen

No matter how much planning you do, when you are travelling, you are never fully in control of how the trip is going to be. Sometimes, you might end up going somewhere or seeing something you had never planned. You might end up not liking a few things, you might fall in love with a few things. Surprisingly, life gives us the best when we stop trying to be in control of everything. Let LIFE happen to you.

Phase 4: Take Me Back

Why do all good things come to end?
Now that the trip is over, you are back in town scrolling through all your videos and pictures deeply missing that place and how you felt when you were there. You can still feel those vibes, the sounds and the smell of the place. The memory is so fresh and you can’t help but miss the place and the voices in your head are yelling,” Take me Back”. This travel hangover seems hard initially but it gets better with time. Stay strong.

Phase 5: Go back to phase 1

You are back in your routine life. You start living a normal life and one fine day it happens again. Another bite, another rush, you are back to phase 1 and the vicious cycle continues.

Witten & Composed by Cynthia joseph (+91 8884738199)

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